Colour my World

Exhibition dates:-22 -28 March 2021
My visual world is full of wonder and surprise, and to me, colour is the key attraction. Each image in this exhibition represents a subject where colour has sparked my imagination and led me to marvel at the beauty of the natural world. Perhaps it’s the vibrancy and beauty of a single flower. Perhaps it’s the richness and majesty of an expansive Australian landscape. Often it’s the power of a memory imprinted into my imagination that attracts me to paint and interpret and share what I feel.

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Beyond the Square

Exhibition dates:-25 February – 7 March 2021

JAMBEROO, NSW – In a world inundated with instant images, one local artist is keeping photography real and old-school through film and darkroom processing.

For over a decade, Jamberoo resident Dominique Pierre-Nina has been perfecting his craft using classic film cameras. His most prized possession is his 1958 Leica M3.
Growing up on the island of Mauritius and residing in London during his formative years, Dominique became enamoured of high art photography, especially fashion, when he worked for Selfridges as a menswear buyer.
These days he cuts a noticeable figure around Jamberoo. With chocolate skin offset by salt and pepper hair, Dom can be seen walking his tiger-striped hounds, Phoenix and Gypsy, always with a camera flung over his shoulder on the hunt for the next great shot. He has even installed a darkroom on his farm where he spends countless hours perfecting his printed images.
In 2020, Dom launched his first major exhibition “Beyond the Square” at The Creative Space in Sydney and the Old Fire Station in Kiama, and he received a Highly Commended place in the prestigious Mono Awards for his stunning work “The Faraway Tree”. He has now been invited by Fern Street Gallery to exhibit a selection of his works from 23 February to 7 March 2021.
The evocative, dreamy and nostalgic quality of his collection are reminiscent of photography giants like Ansel Adams and Herb Ritts. Dominique has chosen to present all the photographs in a square format, inspired by his love of the famous Hasselblad camera, which shoots 6×6 square film. Hence the title “Beyond the Square”, a format that focuses the eye intensely on the subject without peripheral distraction and inviting deep contemplation. Dom’s works include portraits, architecture, nudes, and landscapes from his travels around the world, from the glaciers of the Arctic to the peaks of Japan and Switzerland.
Dom will be onsite throughout this free exhibition to guide visitors through the space. His works will be for sale and as Dom is an animal-lover, 10% of proceeds will be donated to WIRES in aid of wildlife that have suffered from the recent devastating bushfires.

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From the Garden

Exhibition dates:10-21 March 2021.
‘From the Garden’

Duo Exhibition featuring Alexandra Strong and Jess Hutchison
“This body of work ‘From the Garden’ explores our connection with nature and the importance of spending time amongst flora and fauna. The past year has taught us that more than ever we require the presence of the outdoors and all its wonder to truly enjoy our best life.”
Both Alexandra and Jess reside in the beautiful Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast with their young families.
Alexandra’s work is a reflection of her natural surroundings – from the rolling hills and beautiful plant life which surround her home town of Berry, to the fresh open beaches and intricate rock pools which she explores with her children.
Formally trained as a facialist and having studied the practice of reiki energy healing – she brings this meditative use of energy into her painting. “When I am deep in the flow of my work I feel a deep connection to the land and infuse positive energy into every piece through use of colour and texture.”
Jess Hutchison is also a full time painter – inspired by the stunning Shoalhaven landscape and birdlife. With a deep love of colour, her vibrant artworks feature some of Australia’s most colourful flora and fauna.
She paints in a unique style that blends realism with quirky, loose and colourful lines and layers. Her signature line work detailing around the eyes of her birds is a nostalgic nod to her makeup-artistry background.
Jess hopes to create a connection and evoke a sense of calm and happiness through her art – “ I am passionate about my art practice, it is food for my soul and when I create I do so with my whole heart.”

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South Coast Echoes

Exhibition dates:8-21 February 2021.

Solo exhibition featuring Susan Curtain
“This body of work presents a variety of approaches I have explored and developed to encapsulate the beauty of our local area.
Painting en plein air enables me to take a spontaneous approach to capture the light, colour and movement of my surroundings. Carrying a diverse range of materials, the medium is often chosen onsite to eliminate any preconceived ideas or assumptions about how to approach the natural environment. Working quickly on several pieces at once, allows spontaneity to flow uninterrupted and unhindered by over-thinking the early, crucial marks.
Paintings are sometimes finished in the studio, where time and contemplation can evoke further, more considered responses using memory and lingering feelings connected to my experiences and adventures in nature.
A variety of natural, found and recycled mark making tools are utilised, alongside traditional brushes and palette knives, to recreate patterns in nature and manipulate images spontaneously. With an emphasis on the interplay of colours, shapes and lines, these are often laid down in layers, using a process of washes and marks in watercolour, acrylics, crayons and inks.”
Susan is an intuitive artist, responding emotively to elements in nature and personal experiences to represent lasting visual impressions. After nearly 40 years of living in and around the Jervis Bay and Cambewarra area, the natural beauty of the South Coast never ceases to amaze her.
Whilst often working in abstract, Susan’s diversity also extends to painting impressionist and traditional portraits, landscapes and still life in oils, acrylics and mixed media, winning several awards in each of these categories.
As a retired teacher, one of her great loves is teaching art to inspire others to share in the joy and exhilaration that comes from the creative process.

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Exhibition dates:11- 17 January 2021.

Solo exhibition featuring Kerry Bruce

Blooms or a pretty posy, foliage to a beautiful bouquet, Kerry Bruce’s sumptuous paintings of flowers take on a life of their own.
“I love to abstract my impression of the floral, always working from a still life of blooms,” says Kerry. In this exhibition, colour is intensified, and texture is accentuated. Shapes and movement are what I am after to give the viewer a painting of Blooms imbued with such energy and exuberance that they appear ready to burst forth from the vases only just containing them.

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Exhibition dates:18- 24 January 2021.

It’s no surprise that I find the ocean such a captivating subject for a lot of my artwork. The South Coast holds countless photography options – whether right down in the action on the rock platforms, high above for a unique aerial perspective, or from a distance to provide some greater context of this beautiful area.

I hope these moments I’ve captured provide you with some joy and inspiration to find your own special ocean moments.

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Where We Are

Exhibition dates: 25 January – 7 February 2021.
Where We Are
Solo Exhibition by Gitte Backhausen

“This new body of work is a response to the marks, shapes, colours and textures I see on my morning walks. They have become a collection of resources stored in my visual memory and they make their way into my paintings in unconscious ways. With a lively abstract approach, and a good pinch of fantasy, I am conveying my observations and feelings discovering the endless array of visual gems on my way. The viewer is invited to come on a journey to discover that life is full of wonderful visual adventures, right where we are.”

Exhibition is open daily 10am-4pm
25th January – 7th February 2021

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Nature as Nurture

Exhibition dates: 20 December 2020- 10 January 2021.

Group exhibition featuring Vanessa Anderson, Gitte Backhausen, Alisa Beak, Kerry Bruce, Jon Harris, Jennifer Luck and Jenny McIntosh

Open daily 10am–4pm (Closed Christmas Day)

Nature as Nurture is our resident artists, summer group exhibition. A reflection on the year that was. A collective of nature-infused art and photography, designed to calm and inspire. As we move into the new year, we shift our focus towards regrowth – a time to set new intentions and let creativity flourish.

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Urban Detour

Exhibition dates: 2-20 December 2020.
Opening days Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm
My art is created to make people smile. And it does! Each work is a celebration of today’s lifestyles, embedding colors, shapes and defining themes that records history in creative imagery. ODORI imagery in fact: Overt-Distortion-of-Real-Imagery is the style I create.
I grew up idolising Bill Dobell and Rembrandt’s techniques. Then later on, I was greatly inspired by Chagall for his figurative works and Len French for his technical draftsman ship and funky colour palette.
I am a risk taker. I like experimenting. Currently I like working the clean edged shapes and spaces that I see in nature and in man built structures. It’s a narrative about man taking over nature’s environment.
I’m currently projecting the man made landscape of 2020 into a defining realm; the downfall of safe havens for our birds and wildlife. Magpies put up a fight if you look like stepping into their territory, even if it is your backyard! However, they have the last laugh when they see you isolated in your boxed structures as CV19 controls the humans while the birds fly free and easy! My urban works are created to bring nature into the house as a gentle reminder of appreciating the land and its occupants in these harrowing times and also to put a smile on your face because of the happy colours I use!

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Our Land and Country

Exhibition dates: 24 November – 6 December 2020.
Launch: Saturday 28 November 2pm-4pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday 3 December at 5.30pm
Open Daily 10am – 4pm

Ann is a contemporary landscape artist from Dolphin Point NSW.
‘I create a response to my subject through the feeling it evokes in me.’
Rather than just capture the image on canvas Ann tries to look past the obvious and transform the image to capture the life and soul beyond first glance.

Our Land, Our Country, presents Ann’s latest expressive landscape works on canvas.
Included are paintings with a distinctive and varied approach to the Australian Landscape, explored by using bold expressive marks and colours.

By employing a variety of media and techniques to create multiple layers, Ann construct the works that depict the raw and natural state of our landscape.

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Effervescent Wonder

Exhibition dates: 2-8 November 2020.
Open Daily 10am – 4pm
Illawarra artist Jennifer Luck, grew up in Thirroul and studied at the National Art School. Jennifer’s unique artworks are a celebration, exploration and appreciation of not only her passion for the environment but the media of oil paints, chemical reactions and mixed media.
“I love getting lost in the process of my works as I do in nature. Experimentation, weather, nature, medium reactions and manipulated chance techniques are used to build my works which mimic the creation of life and the environment. I enjoy life’s unpredictability and this is essential to the creating of my artworks. Sensory memories from places explored are layered into each artwork, as are suggestions of found objects from each environment making each work unique preserving memories, moods, and emotions that are attached to each “hidden gem” but also highlighting the smaller aspects of nature; the textures, layers, surfaces, space, light, movement and depth that is so often overlooked, misused or forgotten.”
Jennifer invites viewers to reflect upon and explore the beauty and fragility of the local environment from the escarpment to the sea and her broader travels. Jennifer is particularly drawn to water, beaches, diving hidden seascapes, waterfalls, rainforests, storms, weather and the play of light.

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Exhibition dates: 2-8 November 2020.
Open Daily 10am – 4pm
Confluence is the coming together of two or more things at one point. This aptly describes the meeting of Kerry’s abstracts and landscapes at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong.
A true Piscean Kerry feels more at home close to or in the water. This has compelled her to explore all aspects of the water in her painting. She has endeavoured to portray the different way water can be observed : above, below, from the shore, from a distance and when immersed. If Kerry could she would have the smell and the sound of the sea present when you see the work.
Kerry’s landscapes elicit a sense of fantasy with uplifting elements. Some works are very clearly based in and around the rolling beautiful hills of the Shoal haven area, while others are pure escapism depicting worlds of mist and marks. The medium that Kerry has chosen for this work is Acrylic paint, mixed media using layering while including graphic elements. The outcomes are all very different – paintings with an impressionistic playful approach. Kerry’s aim is to take the viewer on the journey with her to find the calm, the joy and captivation of a magical place.
Due to Covid19 restrictions there will be NO official launch, but it would be lovely if you are able to pop in. The gallery will be open from Monday to Sunday, Catalogue available on request.

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Bending the Line

Exhibition dates: 12th-18th October 2020.
Solo Exhibition by Carla Jackett
Open Monday to Sunday 10am – 4pm.
Artist in Attendance.
Carla is based on Berry Mountain in the Shoalhaven, NSW. Her abstract paintings for her 2nd solo show ‘Bending the Line’, were inspired by the burnt bush and landscape after the fires swept through Kangaroo Valley in January, and also the rainforest at Bellawongarah. This exhibition includes works on paper in gouache, ink and conte and acrylic and oils on canvas.
Open daily 10am – 4pm

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Petal Power

Exhibition dates: 21 October -1 November 2020.
Petal Power
21 October – 01 November 2020
Solo exhibition by Gay Emmerson
Opening days Wednesday 21 October then Thursday- Mondays
This exhibition is called Petal Power by Artist Gay Emmerson.
Gay moved here from Canberra a couple of years ago, and she was struck by the extraordinary differences in the lifestyle.
First of all, I couldn’t stop painting the sea and the waves, And then I noticed the brightness and boldness of the flowers here -even in winter, says Gay.
Whereas Canberra has pastel blossoms and english bulbs, the south coast is a riot of bright reds, purples, oranges and yellows. On her early morning walks Gay photographs all the hibiscus, azaleas, salvias and geraniums, and against the blue sea and sky they look all the more vivid.
This is why this exhibition is named ‘Petal Power’ No shrinking violets here -these flowers, for the most part, are bright and brave.

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Bending the Line

Exhibition dates: 12th-18th October 2020.
Solo Exhibition by Carla Jackett
Open Monday to Sunday 10am – 4pm.
Artist in Attendance.
Carla is based on Berry Mountain in the Shoalhaven, NSW. Her abstract paintings for her 2nd solo show ‘Bending the Line’, were inspired by the burnt bush and landscape after the fires swept through Kangaroo Valley in January, and also the rainforest at Bellawongarah. This exhibition includes works on paper in gouache, ink and conte and acrylic and oils on canvas.
Open daily 10am – 4pm

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Southern Land

Exhibition dates: 5th-11th October 2020.
Creative duo Vanessa and Craig Anderson
As a painter and photographer our artworks inform and influence each other. Ever since we moved to Australia twenty years ago we have been captivated by this country and in particular the South Coast of NSW. When we first ventured down the South Coast we were looking for a place to call home and each time we visited Kiama and made our way through the magnificent Illawarra landscape we were met with an immense feeling of belonging, joy and peace. This exhibition is inspired by the marvel and beauty of the land meeting the sea and hopefully captures this sense of home that we feel when we are in this Southern Land.

Open daily 10am – 4pm

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Ancient Sea

Exhibition dates: 21 September – 4 October 2020.
Patrice Wills and Elizabeth Clark acknowledge that the deepest connection to the land and the heart of understanding this country lay with First Nations People. Time spent with the Warlukurlangu Artists in the remote Warlpiri community of Yuendumu in Central Australia, Northern Territory, inspired a new response to the Australian landscape.
Returning to their studios with sketches, and memories, each embarked on creating a new body of work in which the beauty of the land continued to reverberate in paintings that express a reverence for people and place. Desert inspired paintings that echo the ocean, placed in a seaside gallery, highlight issues of our collective Australian identity and the vastness, diversity and unity of the land and its people.
Open daily 10am – 4pm

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Coastal Light

Exhibition dates: 7th-20th September 2020.
Open daily 10am – 4pm

‘Coastal Light’ is an exhibition of photography, capturing the way light effects the mood and the character of the coastline. There is something about the sea, that has always drawn me to capture it. No matter how many times I visit a location it will always be different. In capturing these images I have used two different techniques to bring out the unique character of each location.

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Exhibition dates: 10th-23rd August 2020.
Open daily 10am – 4pm

Resident Artist Lissa de Sailles and Visiting Artist Nicole Berlach brings together wowen sculptural forms and intricate watercolour work to explore the nuances of nature in their duo exhibition “Interplay”.

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Exhibition dates: 24th August to 6th September 2020.
Open daily 10am – 4pm

Resident Artist Karolina Venter’s exhibition features portraits, nudes, landscapes and sculptures, taking you on a journey through colours, shapes and textures.

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Exhibition dates: 19th-29th March 2020.
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sundays 10am – 4pm

Resident Artists Kerry Bruce & Gitte Backhausen has pulled together to showcase their very latest works – all centred around change and rejuvenation.

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South Coast Life

Exhibition dates: 5th June – 9th August 2020.
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm + every day during school holidays.

A stunning new exhibition by all the Resident Artists at Fern Street Gallery. We are very excited to welcome you back into our Award-winning Art Gallery here in Gerringong, sharing our South Coast Life with you.

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Exhibition dates: 2nd-15th March 2020.

Open Daily 10am – 4pm
Official Launch Saturday 7th March, 2pm. All Welcome.

“Wattlewood” is a celebration of the natural beauty of the South Coast through the paintbrush of our Resident Artist Alexandra Strong.

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Summer Love

Exhibition dates: 17th February – 1st March 2020.

Monday to Sunday 10am – 4pm
Official Launch Monday 17th February 5.30pm. All Welcome.

Summer Love is a celebration of life living by the sea.
Join local Artist Kathy Karas for her Solo Exhibition of beautiful watercolour paintings on canvas.

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Earth | Air | Water | Fire

Exhibition dates: 10th – 16th February 2020.

Open Monday to Sunday 10am – 4pm

Solo Exhibition by Resident Artist Jon Harris. “After experiencing this summer’s terrible conditions, I am reminded of the power of our natural environment to shape our own experiences.”

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