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Urban Detour

Exhibition dates: 2-20 December 2020.
Opening days Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm
My art is created to make people smile. And it does! Each work is a celebration of today’s lifestyles, embedding colors, shapes and defining themes that records history in creative imagery. ODORI imagery in fact: Overt-Distortion-of-Real-Imagery is the style I create.
I grew up idolising Bill Dobell and Rembrandt’s techniques. Then later on, I was greatly inspired by Chagall for his figurative works and Len French for his technical draftsman ship and funky colour palette.
I am a risk taker. I like experimenting. Currently I like working the clean edged shapes and spaces that I see in nature and in man built structures. It’s a narrative about man taking over nature’s environment.
I’m currently projecting the man made landscape of 2020 into a defining realm; the downfall of safe havens for our birds and wildlife. Magpies put up a fight if you look like stepping into their territory, even if it is your backyard! However, they have the last laugh when they see you isolated in your boxed structures as CV19 controls the humans while the birds fly free and easy! My urban works are created to bring nature into the house as a gentle reminder of appreciating the land and its occupants in these harrowing times and also to put a smile on your face because of the happy colours I use!

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Our Land and Country

Exhibition dates: 24 November – 6 December 2020.
Launch: Saturday 28 November 2pm-4pm
Artist Talk: Wednesday 3 December at 5.30pm
Open Daily 10am – 4pm

Ann is a contemporary landscape artist from Dolphin Point NSW.
‘I create a response to my subject through the feeling it evokes in me.’
Rather than just capture the image on canvas Ann tries to look past the obvious and transform the image to capture the life and soul beyond first glance.

Our Land, Our Country, presents Ann’s latest expressive landscape works on canvas.
Included are paintings with a distinctive and varied approach to the Australian Landscape, explored by using bold expressive marks and colours.

By employing a variety of media and techniques to create multiple layers, Ann construct the works that depict the raw and natural state of our landscape.

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Effervescent Wonder

Exhibition dates: 2-8 November 2020.
Open Daily 10am – 4pm
Illawarra artist Jennifer Luck, grew up in Thirroul and studied at the National Art School. Jennifer’s unique artworks are a celebration, exploration and appreciation of not only her passion for the environment but the media of oil paints, chemical reactions and mixed media.
“I love getting lost in the process of my works as I do in nature. Experimentation, weather, nature, medium reactions and manipulated chance techniques are used to build my works which mimic the creation of life and the environment. I enjoy life’s unpredictability and this is essential to the creating of my artworks. Sensory memories from places explored are layered into each artwork, as are suggestions of found objects from each environment making each work unique preserving memories, moods, and emotions that are attached to each “hidden gem” but also highlighting the smaller aspects of nature; the textures, layers, surfaces, space, light, movement and depth that is so often overlooked, misused or forgotten.”
Jennifer invites viewers to reflect upon and explore the beauty and fragility of the local environment from the escarpment to the sea and her broader travels. Jennifer is particularly drawn to water, beaches, diving hidden seascapes, waterfalls, rainforests, storms, weather and the play of light.

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The White Room

Ongoing – changes every month
Open Thursday to Sunday 10am – 4pm
+ at all other times current exhibitions is open

Resident artists: Alisa Beak, Vanessa Anderson, Gitte Backhausen, Jon Harris, Kerry Bruce, Jennifer Luck and Karolina Venter.

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