Where We Are

Monday, 25 January, 2021
to Sunday, 7 February, 2021
Artwork by Gitte Backhausen

Where We Are
Solo Exhibition by Gitte Backhausen

“This new body of work is a response to the marks, shapes, colours and textures I see on my morning walks. They have become a collection of resources stored in my visual memory and they make their way into my paintings in unconscious ways. With a lively abstract approach, and a good pinch of fantasy, I am conveying my observations and feelings discovering the endless array of visual gems on my way. The viewer is invited to come on a journey to discover that life is full of wonderful visual adventures, right where we are.”
Gitte Backhausen lives in Gerringong here on the South Coast of NSW. She often refers to her paintings as subconscious abstract landscapes, they are unplanned and a spontaneous expression of the here and now. Since moving to the South Coast 5 years ago, her morning walks have become an important part of her practice. Often photographing her visual discoveries, (which you can see on @gittebackhausenart), these visual elements have started to influence her work. Regularly selected for art prizes, she is also a keen workshop facilitator, supporting other artists to discover and develop their own unique visual language and build trust in their work.

Exhibition is open daily 10am-4pm
25th January – 7th February 2021

Open Daily 10am-4pm