Tuesday, 3 September, 2019
to Sunday, 15 September, 2019
Artwork by Julie Phillips

I grew up in a house where storytelling was a big part of our childhood.
It laid the foundations for my crazy imagination and (to this day) my daydreaming.
Seeing the beach every day had a creative impact and inspired me artistically as well.
I am drawn to people’s stories and try to capture their complicated emotions on canvas. Sometimes I sense their secrets and try to arrange my compositions in an edgy, sometimes tormented way.
This has led me to my latest series, which I have entitled ‘SHE’. It depicts women I have either met or heard of. I use very bright, striking colours and bold paint strokes (sometimes applied with a palette knife). I also have to admit I love diving into the paint with my fingers sometimes. I am conscious of finding shadows and density in my work. I feel a need to create illusion and drama to grab the audience’s attention. I want them to feel something when they view these women.
I have named each portrait, some remind me of people I know and some appear a little androgynous (well, you just never know!)
I have taught for many years in my studio Bluebottle Art Studio. I think I have learned from the children with their spontaneous, honest response to the world around them. I feel the way they interpret ideas and see things have rubbed off on me.
Painting has always been a source of energy and excitement for me and I hope this transfers to you when you see my work.

Julie Phillips

Wednesday to Friday 10am – 5pm
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