Seasons of Light

Monday, 27 May, 2019
to Sunday, 2 June, 2019
Artwork by Helen Pain

The landscapes in this exhibition are reflections of places I have visited which have made an indelible impression on my memory. Each has a special appeal. Perhaps it’s the quality of light or the vibrancy and contrast of colour. Sometimes it is more subtle – the resonance of space, stillness and silence that attracts me to interpret what I feel.

My abstract artworks begin in a freer and more intuitive style. I use acrylic paint and mixed media techniques, and work in many layers, allowing the images to evolve and develop as the depth of colour, line and texture on the canvas dictate.

I paint flowers because I love them!

I came to art later in life, as a means of expressing myself, and utilising the new found freedom that came with retirement. My earlier career was in music and performing arts. When I review my art now, I realise that involvement in music, dance, and drama, and the impact of theatrical lighting in large open spaces have very much influenced the way that I paint. I like to experiment and lose myself in the moment. I apply paint freely and rhythmically, in an attempt to capture the spirit of time and place, the essence of energy, the power of light, and the sense of wonder at the diverse beauty that surrounds us.

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm