Over the Horizon

Wednesday, 21 April, 2021
to Sunday, 2 May, 2021
Artwork by Tricia Trinder

Over the Horizon
21 April– 2 May 2021
Solo exhibition byTricia Trinder
Tricia Trinder’s latest works continues her fascination with ocean Horizons, she further explores the ever changing colours and light over the ocean. Tricia uses the ancient process of encaustic to create her artworks. She starts by laying beeswax and damar resin onto board, and then applies dry pigments by hand, which she burns into the wax with a blow torch, building up the layers of colour gradually. Tricia likes to create the illusion of distance in her paintings by using light and dark. She says “The unpredictability of how the wax responds each time I burn in the colour, reflects the unpredictability of the ocean and skies”.

Open Wednesday – Sunday 10am-4pm