Landscapes @ 85

Monday, 26 November, 2018
to Sunday, 9 December, 2018
Artwork by Jon Harris

Landscape photography is where I started my journey as an artist and a photographer. This exhibition shares my exploration of a different view of our world.

Traditional landscape images tend to be shot with a wide angle lens – generally between 16-35mm. This perspective is one that I love – allowing you to focus on an interesting foreground, while providing greater context (usually along with a magic sunrise or sunset!) in the background. Typically, the whole image is in sharp focus in these images too.

However, my experience as a wedding photographer has taught me to capture a scene in a range of perspectives to better tell the story. So I’ve started to view my landscape photography with a wedding photographer’s eye – capture the wide view for sure, but then ask myself – what interesting elements exist within the overall scene?

Therefore, during my most recent overseas adventure I forced myself out of my comfort zone by taking along a fixed focal length lens – the Canon EF 85mm f/1.4 L IS. The narrow field of view of this telephoto lens allows me to focus on a particular element within the landscape, yet still provide some context for the image. When needed, I can also isolate the subject using shallow depth of field for more artistic effect.

For me, shooting landscapes with the 85 represents not only experimentation, but also an evolution of my artistic expression. The narrower field of view of this lens challenges me immensely in the context of landscape imagery. There is less flexibility in creating a compelling composition, which requires more thought, patience, and exploration to create the images you see today.

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm