Monday, 6 April, 2020
to Sunday, 26 April, 2020
Artwork by Karolina Venter | Alexandra Strong | Jennifer Luck | Jess Hutchison | Jon HarrisKristal del Villar | Lissa de Sailles | Kerry Bruce | Gitte Backhausen | Vanessa Anderson

Fern Street Gallery Resident Artists welcome you to our first group exhibition for 2020 – ‘Flourish’. After such a traumatic start to the year with destructive bushfires and flooding, it only seemed fitting to celebrate the resilience of nature.

Mere weeks after the immediate bushfire threat had passed, nature began the process of rejuvenation, regrowing from the ashes to begin the cycle anew.

All of our art takes some form of inspiration from the beauty of nature, so we invite you to become inspired through our work, and through the strength and perseverance of our world.

Open daily 10am-4pm