Earth | Air | Water | Fire

Monday, 10 February, 2020
to Sunday, 16 February, 2020
Artwork by Jon Harris

Since ancient times, different cultures around the world have sought to understand and shape their world with reference to these base elements. In spite of modern science’s more accurate representation of how our world is formed, it is easy to understand how earlier cultures reduced our natural world to these four key elements.

Water is clearly a large influence on my work, given my coastal surrounds. Spend long enough watching the ocean though, and you will see countless interactions of these four elements all around you. Wind shapes and drives the waves, which in turn shape the rocks and the beaches. And don’t forget my favourite time of day, when fiery sunrises and sunsets light up the water with blazing reflections of the sky.

After experiencing this summer’s terrible conditions, I am reminded of the power of our natural environment to shape our own experiences. I feel it’s important to allow these events to remind us of how precious this planet is, and use them to motivate us to do our part and care for the environment.

Please know that you can do your bit too… 20% of the proceeds from this show will be donated to WIRES to help care for wildlife affected by the bushfires.

Monday – Friday 10am-4pm