Colour is Key

Thursday, 20 June, 2019
to Sunday, 7 July, 2019
Artwork by Daniela Cristallo, Susan Davies, Nicole Foxall, Libby Mewing, Alexandra Plim, Trenton Shipley, Sally Stokes & Susan Trigg

Thursday & Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm.
Other days by appointment.

Fern Street Gallery is proud to present ‘Colour is Key’, a group exhibition by a select group of well-respected artists. Colour is the common theme that draws these artists together. They interpret life and nature in their own unique ways, yet their rich use of colours is a common theme.

Daniela Cristallo
I see my work as an exploration of this land and all its meeting places; rich in colour and evocative in nature. The palette is vibrant, textured and expressive; unpredictable in its movement; intuitive of its mark making. My artistic practice is driven by my passion for spending time en plein-air. Through my studies of the landscape, I use sketches, loose drawings, photographs and memory to explore my direction into abstraction through colour. I don’t just want to paint a pretty landscape, but capture the essence of this spirited land in the most authentic way I can.

Susan Davies
Moving into abstraction has allowed me to open my mind to new possibilities of colour, whimsy and emotion in a contemporary style. The paintings depict constructions of different forms which are both foreign and abstract. The majority of my works are the result of multiple experimental processes where each element has “grown” in its own unique way and been assembled in layers with contrasting colours and textures. I believe that art is an exploration of the illusion of our 3-dimensional existences, and as a result creates a new geometry, form or structure which transports us into a different realm of reality.

Nicole Foxall
I’m forever drawn closer to the landscape, contemplating the shapes colours and patterns while striving to paint it’s elusive and “half seen” elements. I attempt to capture my
immediate sensory experience and use memory and imagination as organising principles
in my work. Painting is a transporting experience for me. I love using colour and when I paint I mix colours instinctively and in the moment. My palette is varied and can get a little unpredictable at times but this is all part of the journey of a painting. I believe there is nothing quite as uplifting as colour and I hope this is evident in my work.

Libby Mewing
My work is instinctive free, unfettered yet considered.
I love to paint or draw with total freedom and relinquishment of accepted practice. History and vibration are formed by layering and simplification in my paintings in order to create a narrative and give a “poetic” element which I hope intrigues the viewer and invites them in.
I liken my process to a conversation between me and the surface via the brush or crayon. It’s sometimes cordial, sometimes fraught with disagreement but always enjoyable and eventually resolved…. like meeting up with an old friend.
I employ mostly acrylic paint, soft pastel, ink and sometimes collage. The movement of lyrical abstraction in France has influenced my painting and I feel I have benefitted from multiple residencies in France to pursue this passion. My influences are many and varied among European and Australian masters…..past and present.

Alexandra Plim
I am an expressive abstract artist, based in the inner western of Sydney. I paint intuitively with acrylics, often incorporating a variety of mixed media. My work is energetic and playful, using colour, texture and bold marks to add drama and movement. In addition to being an artist and mum to two young children, my first love is performance. I am a professionally trained actor, having completed an Advanced Diploma in Acting for Screen and Stage. I have performed on stage, in Australia and Edinburgh, appearing in theatre, at fringe festivals and the odd TV commercial.
My performance training and experience continues to influence and energise my artistic practise. On the best painting days I am a city girl dreaming of far away places: majestic gorges, arid expanses of land and foliage you can get lost in.
Colour drives me. Every canvas is a new place to experiment with different colours and mixes. Along the way, forms and marks pose questions and I respond.
I am truly addicted to the irreverent process of creating a painting. Much like rehearsing a play or improvising on stage, painting requires me to be in the moment. And it’s a wonderful feeling.

Trenton Shipley
My painting is based in figuration, it is rhythmic, explores gesture, dances in lyricism and revels in abstraction. Based upon a subjective experience of living, it expands into tributaries of improvisation, seeking an ultimate truth. My work is uncensored, unfiltered and honest. I paint with a sense of dramatic irony. The process often feels like a boxing match between self and canvas.
I am influenced by the greater ideas – life, death, sex and revenge. The viewer is requested to enter and encouraged to engage their suspension of disbelief.

Sally Stokes
My painting is a celebration of our connection to nature and that space between nature, the artist and the viewer. There are numinous moments where the colours, the tones, feelings, shadows and moving light seem to amplify. These paintings are based on studies I did at “Yellow Box’ in Turondale NSW. I sit in nature, hear the sounds of birds’ wings moving, their chattering, the silence between, the leaves rustling, the spaces moving with the sun’s movement overhead in its statements of day. Kangaroos and goats thump in crowds. Time and place enter the works. There is awe. There is silence. Mystery in the quietness. And joy. And love. In the studio I try and navigate this ground with paint, trying to suggest this life force.

Susan Trigg
Painting is one of those rare journeys that you can never fully complete. Once you reach one milestone, you realise there is another just out of reach, and so it goes on. Abstract painting is truly a journey into self. My paintings are heavily influenced by my fascination with our internal landscape and our emotional reactions to works of art, especially paintings. Although I currently live in Melbourne my time spent near the Victorian coast and bush has also instilled a recognition that we are intimately part of the natural world. Therefore, art attempts to merge these two aspects. I am currently painting in acrylics, building up layers quite quickly. Each painting starts with a basic idea of colour palette and evolves from there, often taking on a life of its own. Since working in this intuitive style, responding to a mood and environment, seeking to evolve further with each work.

Thursday & Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm