All The Tears

Wednesday, 5 February, 2020
to Sunday, 9 February, 2020
Artwork by Bonnie Porter Greene

Open 10am-4pm Wednesday to Sunday.
Please join Bonnie for the official opening Thursday 6th February 6-8pm.

“Toward the end of 2019 my colour palette changed. There had already been a turning point in my colour choices after I visited the Whitsunday Islands with my extended family in July 2019, when I actually saw with my own eyes, the coloured coral we have all seen in the documentaries. It took my breath away. But amongst the colour, there was also dead and broken coral, the result of a cyclone in 2018. I came home and immediately painted four works based on what I had seen.

Moving forward a couple of months and there was a strong urge to paint with blues and greens. For years I have saturated my paintings with pinks, reds and oranges. But the beloved bushland that I walk or run in several times a week was starting to suffer from the drought, shedding leaves and bark as it tried to cope with the lack of water. I purposefully concentrated on the images in my mind of remaining pockets of lush green bushland, drawing on these images to intuitively make marks.

Given the recent and continuing bushfires all over Australia, and so very close to home – I was in two minds about having an exhibition only months after the worst bushfire season we have ever witnessed began. As I write this, the threat continues for so many. My heart is broken for Australia, for the native animals, for the humans, and for the home, we call Planet Earth. I have cried so many tears during this bushfire season. But my tears won’t put these fires out. I decided to go ahead with this exhibition because it could only be a sign of hope – and perhaps we can also have some tears of joy”.

A Poem on Hope (excerpt)

Find your hope, then, on the ground under your feet.
Your hope of Heaven, let it rest on the ground underfoot.

The world is no better than its places. Its places, at last, are no better than their people while their people continue in them. When the people make dark the light within them, the world darkens.

–Wendell Berry