Stacy Burgess

The “ART” of being “Creative” is something that I have been passionate about and committed to for as long as I can remember. I’ve experienced and enjoyed a variety of creative genres – Dancing, Singing, Baking, Sewing/Textiles, Ceramics & Glass and of course, Visual Arts.  Each one has played an important part in my life.

 “Working with my Hands” is the common theme in the way I make Art.  Holding, moulding, building, constructing and manipulating materials in your hands to create an idea is very satisfying and often challenging but its what I love to do.

Moving to Australia from the UK in 2015 has provided me with new inspiration and source material. I have used personal memories, photography and the ever-changing environment to fuel my creativity. 

Flora and Fauna, the geological wonders of the coastline and the dramatic landscapes that surround me are the main sources of inspiration for my Art. Living creatures, sculptural plant-life, the ocean movement and rich and vivid colours of nature will always play a big part in my work. 

My recent collection is a collaboration of ideas and inspiration from locations on the south coast of England and the south coast of NSW where I now live. Elements of my imagination and fantastical thoughts about the wonders in the ocean also feature.  

My focus is predominantly with Colour, Texture, Shape, Form/Structure, Line, Layers, Depth and Movement.  These elements are created with constantly changing materials, techniques and experimentation.

With the constant changes, challenges and threats to our environment & ecosystems, I want to create visual memories to share along with a strong message to protect the amazing places that we all live.