Kristal del Villar

My paintings are primarily about colour. I paint to explore and capture the interplay of colour and light in every day life; the glowing edges of tree trunks, the dappled light in a garden bed, the immersive hues of a sunset dancing across the sea.

Having grown up on the South Coast of NSW, Australia and breathing beachside life for many years, my most recent work is returning to these familiar landscapes for inspiration. The waves and headlands, and even the river’s mangroves are points of constant pleasure and contemplation. There is a warmth and nostalgia about these places that resonates with me. My artworks are painted of dusk and dawn, when the hues absorbed and reflected are at their most vibrant.

Vibrancy of colour is often a feature of the portraits I paint. I enjoy using playful brush marks and a colourful palette to bring out the warmth and character of the sitter and their surroundings.

I have a great love for all things Impressionist, particularly the shimmering effects of Pierre Bonnard’s paintings. I draw inspiration from Monet’s studies of haystacks and cathedrals which he explored at all different times of day, observing changes of light and colour. I too, find myself revisiting scenes, yearning to capture the changing light and its effects on the land and sea.

Whether it’s the captivating bold outlines of the Norfolk Island Pines and glimmering harbour lights at Kiama or the magnetising waves and headlands of Werri, I am unceasingly moved and motivated to depict the colours, atmosphere and beauty around us.