Kelvin Taylor

My creative output focuses mainly on the human spirit and is represented through my preferred medium of printmaking. For me, creating art is a very personal activity, and through art I wish to invoke a response in the viewer who adds his or her interpretation to the work.

Over the past few years I have been primarily printmaking with photopolymer plates, commonly known as solar plates. Print techniques combine intaglio and relief often together in a single pass through the printing press. The printed images are overworked with pencil and charcoal as well as collage, chine-colle, spray stencils and the old 1960’s Dymo embossed labeller.

With a degree in visual communication I often bring a structured and poster like sensibility to my work and use a vivid colour palette influenced by the Fauve art movement, neo-expressionism and modern street art that is characterised by intense subjectivity and the portrayal of recognised objects. Subject matter often draws on historical references, appropriated imagery, poetry and text, and reflects social commentary, power structures and popular culture.

Alternative printmaking mediums that have been adopted include collagraph, mono-printing and drypoint. Other series include an an abstract landscape series that uses the collagraph technique and a reduction lino-cut series to be exhibited in 2019.