Jon Harris

You could say that my photographic journey started deeply rooted within the art world. My inspiration came from nature – light, shadow, geometry, and patterns. I started to study the work of other talented photographers, so that my interest in photography – always hovering in the background – sparked into flame as I started to experiment with my first ‘grown up’ camera.
My exploration has taken me across a range of photographic genres – weddings, architecture, travel, landscapes, commercial, portraits and more. I feel I’ve come full circle now, and my passion for sharing the world as I see it has been strengthed by my exposure to a variety of subjects and the shooting styles and technical skills they require.
I’m happiest when I see the reactions and intrigue of people viewing my work. So all I ask is that you give yourself permission to explore whatever inspiration you feel when you look at my photos… and think about how you can put that inspiration into action 🙂