Jess Hutchison

Having painted since the age of 8, I am a creative spirit at heart. I am inspired by nature, I LOVE colour and I love to create paintings with soul and personality.

I have a deep connection with colour, and I am drawn to the extraordinary beauty of our surrounding flora and fauna – especially here on the South Coast which is a constant source of inspiration for me.
I like to mix realism with elements of loose and layered markmaking to create a work that is soulful, interesting and emotive. 

I hope that each piece I create brings a feeling to a space – whether it be happiness from the cheeky grin of a Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, or serenity from the calm gaze of a Laughing Kookaburra. 

I truly believe in art as a form of therapy – both as a viewer and a creator. Painting has been a powerful healer in my own life, providing a sense of self-worth and calm in a busy world. 

I put my everything into each piece I create, paying close attention to features such as the eyes of birds to forge a deep connection with the viewer. It’s an honour to have my artworks on the walls of a family home, a part of that families’ daily life, memories and story.