Jenny McIntosh

My art practise began in the usual way, a child delighted at the discovery of making marks.  The delight has never left.

Over the years my work has been an exploration of many mediums, subjects and methods of working.  However, I have come to realise I am primarily a landscape painter.  My work could be described as contemporary realism though my love of classical realism has begun to show up in some recent work.

From a young age I have spent vast amounts of time in the bush, and have never lost the feeling of awe and wonder.  By making my art I attempt to connect more deeply with the subject as well as to hold on to, and/or communicate, perceptions which are fleeting.

Despite being a personal inquiry, my hope is to engage the viewer, allowing space for their own memories and connection to the environment to be evoked.

I am also passionate about sharing the joy art brings to life and hold regular workshops and art retreats throughout the year.