Jennifer Luck

My artworks are a celebration, exploration and appreciation of not only my passion for the environment but the media of oil paints, chemical reactions and mixed media.

I invite viewers to reflect upon and explore the beauty and fragility of the local environment from the escarpment to the sea and my broader travels. I am particularly drawn to the water, beaches, diving hidden seascapes, waterfalls, rainforests, storms and weather. 

I love getting lost in the process of my works as I do in nature. Experimentation, weather, nature, medium reactions and manipulated chance techniques are used to build my works which mimic the creation of life and the environment. Sensory memories from places explored are layered into each artwork, as are suggestions of found objects from each environment making each work unique preserving memories, moods, and emotions that are attached to each “hidden gem” but also highlighting the smaller aspects of nature; the textures, layers, surfaces, space, light, movement and depth that is so often overlooked, misused or forgotten.