Gitte Backhausen

To me, art is freedom. It is an opportunity to withdraw from the busy world and let my subconscious express itself, without the restrictions or demands of the mind. It’s a place where I allow the process to unfold of its own accord and enjoy the untold stories that arise spontaneously.

Predominantly an abstract painter, I often refer to my paintings as subconscious abstract landscapes. They are unplanned and a spontaneous expression of the here and now. My interest in psychology has contributed to the reflective aspects of my practice and continues to play an important role in the narrative of my art. 

In recent years my practice has expanded into a broader ray of approaches including mixed media, collagraphs and assemblages. I have come to understand myself as a multidisciplinary artist and find it an important part of my practice to explore and develop new approaches to my visual language. 

Regularly selected as a finalist in art prizes for painting and assemblage works, my career continues to expand. I enjoy sharing my love for the creative process with others through my workshops, supporting artists in developing their own unique visual language and build trust in their work. 

Art Prizes Include:
Kangaroo Valley Art Prize
Meroogal Womens Art Prize
Northern Beaches Art Prize