Carmel McCarney

“My art is a reflection of people, places and experiences that bring me joy.   Each work is an effort to capture the small but important moments that make life special; such as a swim in the ocean at first light, enjoying the last rays of a velvet sunset, or simply taking a moment to be still and reflect.

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to figurative art.   The human form is both a joy and a challenge to me, and I find endless opportunity to explore a variety of themes associated with this.  My dream is for my creations to forever change and evolve, which happens to be the same dream I have for my life experiences!

Time stops for me when I am in my studio.  Surrounded by nature, with my favourite music at top volume, I look across the coastline and the rolling green hills of Gerringong and can’t help but be inspired. The South Coast lifestyle, travel and my years spent on Sydney’s Northern Beaches allows me to draw influence from so many wonderful experiences.  All of this, and a love of fashion and style, come together to create contemporary works that aim to communicate connection and emotion through stroke and colour. “