Alisa Beak

Alisa’s body of works focus is on effective nostalgia, at the intersection of landscape and memory. Alisa’s intention is to create a visceral reaction, an instinctive response to stimulate emotion of a previous experience by using a visual source.

By sharing imagery which Alisa associates with her childhood. She strives to engage the viewer through their own personal experiences.

Local sites hold connections to may memories for Alisa, such as local rock pools where Alisa has spent her childhood.  They act as mirrors and glimpses of her past.

‘Memory is a compass by which we can find a sanctuary for our self’

Imagery relates differently to individuals, but can trigger a sensual experience which creates a personal perception.  Alisa’s concept conceives they are connected but fractured, just as our memories are blurred and overlaid.

Alisa explores the triggers of each perception through visual stimulus.

Alisa’s artwork is an ongoing experiment pushing her own boundaries.  With a variety of bodies of work using different mediums, exploring realistic and abstraction through painting, film, mixed mediums.  Alisa creates from her photography of the local pools, creation of contemporary works to abstracted interpretations.  Compositions are discovered and developed through the process of art making, in the same manner as memory recall is a conscious and unconscious action, the art work results very in imagery as do our individual recall of any memory.